Roskilde Festival presents the 2010 programme

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Roskilde Festival 2010 is experiencing an enormous pre-event interest after a successful Roskilde Festival '09 – the most profit-generating year in our now 40-year-old history. This anniversary year presents everything we have stood for through the last 40 years: international giants, the rock party, a finger on the pulse, an ear towards the third world. A wonderful variety of music genres and nationalities in a microcosm of strangeness, diversity and surprises.
The Prodigy

The big guns
A festival without headliners is like a wedding without a bride. Again this year, we have put together a package of the festival summer's most popular superstars. The headliners alone range from rock history's heaviest foundation to the virtual superstars of the internet age, and more golden stardust may be awaiting.

GORILLAZ was one of our big dreams this year, and the third album, Plastic Beach, shows a great run of form. With a blend of digital puppetry and urban pop, they are obvious musical ambassadors for our internet-surfing, pneumonic planet. Another sensational musical phenomena is THEM CROOKED VULTURES, a super group of super groups consisting of Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones. We are proud to have a band on the poster, whose collective CV includes Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age. A very intense musical experience awaits that will appeal to both rock and metal fans.

MUSE proved on their recent tour that they know how to put together a breathtaking and laser-wrapped rock opera. The British band has been among the audience’s most ardent wishes – and again it shows good taste among the audience rows, as the trio excels in rich, pompous and melodic future rock. NEPHEW has the same electronic, futuristic armour as the Brits, and the Danish superstars have proven that they can create Orange moments on a par with the ones delivered by the biggest international stars.

PATTI SMITH AND BAND are added to the very top of the programme. As a rock icon, she is ranked alongside figures such as Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. In addition, she has a special status at Roskilde Festival as one of those who helped retrieve the orange flame in 2001 – the year after the accident. We therefore find it natural to invite the American singer, composer and poetess back, and we are looking forward to a round of politically inflamed apache rock. THE PRODIGY will appear as this year’s electronic headliner, and we are proud to welcome back the British rave rockers.


Rock and the great communal feeling
For many, rock and the great communal feeling are core values of festival life. Roskilde Festival 2010 will deliver lots of both ingredients.

We proudly present PARAMORE – true idols with a steadily growing fan base. With the incomparable redhead Hayley Williams in front, the band plays concerts where 'teenage angst' form a synthesis with guitar riffs and haunting choruses.

ALICE IN CHAINS have proven that they can maintain their high level of musical integrity even when deprived of their original lead singer, Layne Staley. We are excited to finally have the muscular grunge band on the poster. Lemmy from MOTÖRHEAD, on the other hand, is close to being immortal. He has drunk more whiskey and in general lived harder than almost anyone else on the rock scene – still he continues playing rock that inspires, convinces and roars – now in his fifth decade. KASABIAN are the supernovas of British rock right now, and they visit Denmark for the first time at Roskilde Festival. In newspapers and on festival posters in the UK they are already presented with the biggest font sizes. The same could be the case in Denmark in a few years.

The communal rock experiences also come in the less energetic, more thoughtful packages. BAD LIEUTENANT is Bernard Sumner’s new band, and the Manchester legend continues the same superb style that he perfected with New Order and Joy Division. Concerts with this new formation may also offer songs from his old bands. We always like to mix the new with more known names. Allow us to draw attention to TITUS ANDRONICUS. The literary band name (named after one of Shakespeare's lesser known pieces) might scare away the most partying and beer-thirsty people, but we guarantee a solid rock experience from an indie band that seems inspired by both Bruce Springsteen, The Pogues and – according to the band itself – Minor Threat.


Balls of steel
From rock to metal, hardcore and punk. Hard-hitting genres that help give Roskilde Festival its continued edge and spark.

A muscular addition to the programme is SICK OF IT ALL, pure legends from New York’s bandana-wearing hardcore scene. Their blend of hardcore punk and metal have not run one bit out of steam. Just listen to the 2010 album Based On a True Story – if you do not already own, know and love the Brooklyn veterans' previous eight albums. From New York City slums to Egypt's pyramids: NILE is actually from the US, but their death metal contains elements from ancient Egyptian mysticism and folklore. Danish band THE KANDIDATE may be thematically more straightforward, but their reliable mix of hardcore and thrash hits hard none the less.

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE has toured with a new lead singer recently. However, it has only been a temporary replacement for Howard Jones who is reported ready to front the American popular band when delivering its popular melodic stadium thrash this summer. Finally, CONVERGE and GALLOWS are ready with hardcore punk from the darkest end of the spectrum, while NOFX plays with a more melodic approach to the punk package with their often obscene and silly, but also politically indignant song catalog.


Hard-hitting electronic music
Guitars do not rule the world alone. Electronic music has been public property for years, and that is reflected on our poster.

THE PRODIGY are absolute pioneers when it comes to rave, stadium rock and punk in a neon green mix. PENDULUM has almost served an apprenticeship with the British rave kings. They are a tireless group of Australians who tour far and wide with their thundering mix of drum'n'bass and hard rock. Thanks to bands like these, rock fans and club kids can now dance together.

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM is another act in an impressive line of dance rockers at this year's festival. Front man and cool cat James Murphy's second visit to Roskilde Festival may be one of the last chances to see his top-tuned mix of kraut, disco, post-punk, new wave etc. live. Rumour has it that he will soon break up the soundsystem and seek other – probably musical – pastures. ROBYN will also start an outstanding electronic pop party. The Swedish phenomenon has previously expressed her love for Roskilde Festival's audience, so we look forward to a continuation of the love story – and Robyn is in the studio with new, reportedly very dance-like material.

The electronic party at Roskilde Festival goes far beyond these names. You can look forward to partying with MODERAT, ELECTROJUICE, MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND, LINDSTRØM & CHRISTABELLE, FM BELFAST and many more. Also, you get the chance to meet a number of reputable DJs that it would be more than difficult to persuade to play at your wedding: PRINS THOMAS, TIM SWEEENEY, DJ UMB, ANALOG AFRICA SOUNDSYSTEM and DALA DALA are only a selection of the respected people who provide us with all possible kinds of grooves between the more traditionally performing artists. French duo BEAT TORRENT, who have filled their fireplace shelves with world cup trophies for their DJ skills, gives a demonstration at Roskilde Festival.

Different anniversary celebration
40 years should not go unnoticed. We want to celebrate the anniversary in a manner that is forward-looking and in the right Roskilde spirit. The three DJs in DEN SORTE SKOLE played a fantastic concert with their six turntables at Roskilde Festival '09. This year we have asked the vinyl lovers to create a potpourri of the festival history. It will be a journey through 40 years of music history without plan or guide – but with some amazingly talented pilots in the cockpit.

Van Dyke Parks

Different American legends
is a living piece of musical history. His CV looks like a phone book, containing over 40 years of music history. The now silver-haired American has worked with everyone from The Byrds and The Beach Boys to U2 and Joanna Newsom. Roskilde Festival contacted the legend during a visit to Berlin, and Parks agreed to do an exclusive concert where he plays songs off his upcoming Latin American-inspired album, just as he will play songs from his huge back catalogue. We are honoured to present a unique world premiere from a unique artist who has never toured – despite having a dizzying career.

Another American phenomenon at Roskilde Festival 2010 will be PAVEMENT. The American slacker rock icons are back together for the first time since the goodbye album Terror Twilight from 1999, and it is a great pleasure to welcome back these descendants of Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart and The Pixies.

Vampire Weekend

Indie for everyone
Indie was once something that came from small record labels with a nonexistent budget. Today, indie and alternative is almost mainstream. A batch of today’s most popular indie acts stand ready.

VAMPIRE WEEKEND entered the top of the US charts with their second album, Contra. The four lads have deserved the tremendous sale of their curly and exotic-tasting pop music. THE NATIONAL had a giant Danish breakthrough at Roskilde Festival in 2007. Since then, they have sold out night after night at Copenhagen's major venues. We are pleased to invite the American band back with a new album in the travel bag.

LOCAL NATIVES may very well be the band for those who want to discover this year's Band of Horses, Animal Collective or Fleet Foxes, and they will most likely be on our audience's music wish lists in the coming years. Many will recognise MIIKE SNOW from the radio. The two Swedish pop smiths have a history of producing hits for Britney, Madonna and Kylie, so it is no wonder that their own alternative pop can also make the radio waves splash.


Hip hop undergoing change, from all over
It is not only the alternative scene that mutates. Hip hop does not stop changing either. At Roskilde Festival 2010 the genre is widely represented. Canadian DRAKE is one of the next top acts. For him the hip hop label is almost a straitjacket. He plays – like the most obvious source of inspiration, Kanye West – equal parts pop, soul and R&B to the stream of words. Similarly with DAARA J FAMILY from Senegal: their starting point is in hip hop, but their forthcoming album shows just as much love for other forms of pop with dark skin colour.

Despite his lack of skin colour, BROTHER ALI is blacker than most on the hip hop scene. As an albino he is born entirely without pigment, but his music shows a colourful soul who knows how to smuggle festive brass vibes into his stories about the social conditions in everyday USA. With roots in classic US hip hop, TECH N9NE is one of the best-selling names of the rap underground. He started an unforgettable party and demonstrated his machine gun-like flow at Roskilde Festival 2006.

Julian Marley

From the Latin American streets...
One of today's absolute hottest music forms is cumbia. It is Latin American street sounds and the US electronic nightclub scene at the same time. Roskilde Festival has an impressive number of artists lined up, all professing to South America in different ways: ARRIBA LA CUMBIA, SYSTEMA SOLAR and CHOC QUIB TOWN enthuse fun-loving audiences with a neon green update of their native country’s sounds garnished with hip hop, reggaeton, baile funk and other Caribbean and African scents. The real Caribbean sound par excellence – reggae – is also represented at Roskilde Festival. Besides JULIAN MARLEY, ROOTZ UNDERGROUND also plays roots reggae, and T.O.K. demonstrate why they did not remain a boyband back in the 90s but today is among the world's most popular dancehall acts.

...to the North African desert
The kings of the desert, TINARIWEN, played their first concert outside of Africa at Roskilde Festival in 2001. We look forward to inviting them back to the place where an international career of worldwide success began. The desert rock band with the thirsty sound of the Sahara is far from the only African player. STAFF BENDA BILILI is something you have probably never seen anything like: polio-stricken wheelchaired musicians flanked by a teenage guitarist who plays on a one-stringed guitar built from a paint bucket and a piece of string. Yet, they fit nicely into the congotronics wave alongside former Roskilde names such as Kasai Allstars and Konono N°1 and play concerts that are like a pressure boiler in their intensity. Finally, we are delighted that BASSEKOU KOUYATE & NGONI BA has agreed to return after he was challenged by the weather gods at Roskilde in 2007.

Kings of Convenience

Among bears and other creatures in the Far North
The bears live up north. THE BEAR QUARTET may have named themselves after the bear’s solitude and seclusion. Anyway, the Swedish band has managed to release numerous, critically acclaimed albums without ever having a wider breakthrough outside musicians and critics circles. Maybe this concert will help lure the wary bears out into the light. They deserve it. TEDDYBEARS are a less wary species compared to the aforementioned bears. The band from Stockholm has recorded music with everyone from Iggy Pop to Elephant Man and is a very extrovert band that uses all kinds of genres to get a party started.

Norway also has its share of pale faces and playing children: KINGS OF CONVENIENCE shuts the cold out with acoustic, laid-back troubadour pop, and a big fan base loves the band as a kind of Norwegian counterpart to Simon & Garfunkel. The duo practically never plays festivals, but they make an exception with us. JOHN OLAV NILSEN & GJENGEN, CASIOKIDS and SERENA-MANEESH also join us from the rocky country up north.

Bonaparte - photo: George Dubose

Strange days
Fans of avant-garde, noise or frayed punk also have something to look forward to. BONAPARTE have reported ready to deliver one of their bizarre shows full of punk, Berlin atmosphere and strange outfits. We can also look forward to a noisy punk party with HEALTH and JAPANDROIDS. And the Japanese touch does not end with the japandroids from Canada. NISENNENMONDAI are three cute, Japanese girls who collectively cultivate their love of German kraut rock, Sonic Youth and rhythm-challenging drums, making devoted fans out of American bands such as Battles and No Age. DIRTY PROJECTORS play some kind of chamber musical, arty fragmented rock. Nevertheless, R&B sister Solange Knowles has made a cover version of the almost-a-hit "Stillness Is the Move" and has performed with the New Yorker band. That is how even pop and avant-garde rock flirt from time to time.

Susanne Sundfør - photo: Arne Bru Haug

Pavilion Junior: A window to the Nordic music scene of tomorrow
You saw them at Roskilde Festival for the first time. And we continue presenting new talent on Pavilion Junior – the stage for those who cannot wait for the main program 1 - 4 July and therefore hammer tent pegs into the ground in the week leading up to the festival. As always, the talent is found all over the Nordic region. This year, SUSANNE SUNDFØR from Norway comes to demonstrate why she showered by critical praise in her home country. KRÅKESØLV also excite their fellow Norwegians with their sad and well-written guitar pop. FALLULAH and FREJA LOEB are some of the Danish representations who will show that this small kingdom can also deliver divas and future starlets with international weight. Finland is also strongly represented with both RUBIK and JOENSUU 1685, and the Swedish touch on Pavilion Junior is provided by FONTÄN and NEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS.