Gang Rags Interview Exclusive - THE DOWN and DIRTY OF GANG RAGS

"Gang Rags Interview Exclusive - THE DOWN and DIRTY OF GANG RAGS | GoRockfest.Com - The Latest Rockfest, Artist's Live News"Gang Rags, set to drop June 22, 2010, is the fourth solo album from Blaze but his influence on the underground spans across many years and multiple projects. We could simply tell you how he has pushed the envelope and himself on every single track. How he has stretched himself to the limits and has surpassed all expectations. But after much contemplation we've come to a unanimous decision... FUCK THAT!
The best way for you to get the inside source on this latest Blaze joint is for us to talk to the man himself and those involved with the album. So, we tracked down Blaze along with Violent J and Mike E. Clark and asked them the questions you want to hear!
HH: We know that a few titles were floating around for this album, but what finally made you decide on the name Gang Rags?
Blaze: For years I’ve been kicking around this crazy idea of bringing back the old school in the form of clothing. Much like Used Jeans and Damage ruled the urban scene in the late 80’s to mid 90’s, I thought it was time to bring that style back. I may never be a designer or some shit, but I do know my music, so I’m taking it back on wax. Gang Rags was what it was all about back then and it will be that way again.
HH: What can Juggalos expect from Gang Rags?
Blaze: The return of the one and only Blaze Ya Dead Homie, the Zombie King! A full length LP of straight fire! Music ‘los an’ ‘lettes can ride to, shit to rattle the trunk. Shit to get you hyped up, shit you can get down to. Shit you can smoke a joint/blunt/bong/or vapo to. Shit you can work on your car to, shit you can work on the corner to. It’s some straight dope Juggalo music. Made for the Juggalos by a Juggalo!
Violent J: Gang Rags is set to a sound they’ve never heard before. I can’t say enough great shit about Mike E. Clark’s production. He closes in and creates the perfect music for that artist. When he sets out to do an album project, he goes there mentally. For this album he went to the East Side of Detroit, Ya Dead Homie Style. He makes Blaze sound louder and stronger than he ever has. Blaze stepped up his game in ways you’ll never see coming. Every challenge Mike threw out there Blaze answered with the hottest rapping the man has ever done. Once you put this album on, you’ll see for yourself. It’s Blaze’s time. This album will make a milestone in the career of the Dead Man, no doubt. This is the one. This is the album.
Mike E. Clark: What Juggalos can expect from this new Blaze record is a collection of really dope ass songs, all unique in their own right. We tried to do a lot of different stuff on this record. For the first time on any Blaze record I myself did all the music tracks. Violent J and I are producing it together. It’s been a lot of fun. Violent J and I work so well together and Blaze has been schooling it as well! There is a great energy poppin’ off on this record. The three of us working so tight together in the studio has proven to be an awesome combination. There is a lot of variety of music and style on this record. This is going to be a mad fun record to listen to. A lot of crazy shit! A lot of style! I’m lovin’ it!!
HH: Are there any special guests on Gang Rags you can tell us about?
Violent J: Blaze has some bomb ass special guests on this album.
Blaze: My homies ABK and ICP will definitely be making an appearance on the record and that’s the shit on the real.
Violent J: Yep, Shaggy and I did a track with him called “How About A Birthday.” It’s a really upbeat fast jam I think ninjas will really dig.
Blaze: But I also worked with a couple different artists this time around. The west coast weed smoking homies KMK jumped on a track that’s straight heat, and the Flint-town thugs the Dayton Family dropped some dope verses just the other day on some other fire.
Violent J: Kottonmouth Kings and Blaze together, they nailed a grand slam called “Ridin’ The Whip” which is guaranteed to give you chills of freshness every time you hear it. And that joint called “Damn Bitch” with the Dayton Family is hella dope. There’s so much hotness on this record, you don’t have to skip one jam. It’s a solid masterpiece and we’re still fine tweakin’ this bitch.
Blaze: And there’s more in the works everyday to be honest.
HH: What has you most hyped about Gang Rags?
Blaze: The works of the legendary Mike E. Clark. No doubt he is a genius at his craft. His ear is like no other. I’ve worked with him before on previous projects like Dark Lotus, but this was the first time he was working with me on a Blaze Ya Dead Homie record. The proof is in the sound, from bass drum to the kick drum to the snare, the man knows his shit!
Violent J: The shock factor has me more excited. Blaze has always incorporated the help of Twiztid behind the scenes on his music. This time he chose a completely different route. He enlisted Mike E. Clark and me. We’ve always wanted to do a Blaze album ever since day one. I’ve told Blaze that forever. It’s been an ongoing joke around Psychopathic for years. I would always ask Blaze when he was gonna let me and Mike do one of his albums and somehow, someway this time it actually went down. I just think that it’s still very much Blaze, but I feel like the sounds and concepts around him have changed. I think it’s extra dope how Blaze was brave enough to try something different for his fourth album. I mean his shit was always hella dope, only this time it’s dope in a much different kind of way. It’s like hitting some brand new skins.
Mike E. Clark: What gets me most hyped is it will be my first time I have done a whole record with Blaze!! I’m hyped about the reaction we’re going to get when it’s released. There is so much fucking flavor on this joint Juggalos are going to lose their minds! If I had to "sum up" the record, I would say this record is "Bangin’, Bumpin’, Crushin’ & Ruthless!"
HH: Are there any songs Gang Rags that really jump out at you as your favorite so far? If so can you drop a little knowledge on us about them?
Blaze: “Dub Sack” is a dope track. It’s all about slanging them thangs, 20 dollars a dub sack. The beat is straight pimp, an’ the homies AMB are rocking the chorus. “Party” is another dope joint. It’s about drinking and smoking or doing your thing when and where the fuck you want to. Fuck the consequences! What’s another night in jail, but a cold bench and shitty food?
Violent J: I think one of the dopest tracks on the album is a song he did called “The Sun Went Black.” It’s about one morning; the sun never came up and what would happen with the world if one night the sun just went away. The moon would then become everything. I think that song is awesome.
Mike E. Clark: Yeah! A lot of them! That song with Kottonmouth Kings called "Ridin’ The Whip" is dope as hell. It just thumps and Blaze is doing a dope ass vocal style I never heard anyone do before! Real pimpin’! And there is a song called "Damn Bitch!" That’s the song with the Dayton Family and it’s like a badass club joint! It’s about goin’ down the street and then you see this little freak walk by and you’re
just like ..."DAAAAAMN BITCH!!!" Like just crazy bangin’!! I could go on and on. I love all the songs we got so far! I don’t want to give all the titles away right now. All I can tell you is we got eleven bangers in the can and were doin’ a few more. Mark my words; this record is going to be a true masterpiece!
HH: Any other tidbits you can drop?
Blaze: Don’t smoke Crack! Don’t shoot Heroin! Stay away from Meth! Don’t pop pills less they prescribed! Smoke some weed, drink a beer or some liquor, and relax! Now bump some Blaze Ya Dead Homie!
Violent J: Blaze has some new vocal styles he does on this album. We got him to use some really cool voices and rhyme styles I don’t think he’s ever done before. Blaze really worked hard on this one and as I just said we’re really still workin’ on it. Some songs took four days to finish but they were all labors of love. We all really took our time on this album and we really set out to make something extra special for Blaze at this point in his career. We wanted to give his long time fans some new dopeness they might not be expecting. The few ears that have heard shit from it so far have completely gone batty over the freshness. I just can’t fuckin’ wait man.
Mike E. Clark: Yeah! I will tell you this... we here at Psychopathic Records have been doing this a long time and are on top of our game! 2010 and the years to come are going to be an incredible time for Juggalos. We’re comin’ correct!! Byaaaaaaaatch!!! Look out!
As of the printing of this article Blaze has a show booked Tuesday, April 20th at Main Street in Tucson, AZ and another Thursday, May 20th at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI.

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